Thoughts Of Christmas

As Christmas comes around once more
Our mind goes back in time,
To that first Christmas long ago
When so bright a star did shine.

It shone brightly down upon the earth
Showing man the way,
To find the Baby Jesus
That God sent to us that day.

Peace on earth goodwill to men
Angels sang that Heavenly night,
As a choir sang Hosanna
And the Eastern star shone bright.

The wise men followed that same star
Right to the manger bed,
Where only straw was placed inside
To rest the Baby’s head.

But as the lights all glitter
And shoppers hurry by,
Such little thought is given
To that tiny Baby’s cry.

Our time is filled with warping gifts
For giving and receiving,
With little time to think about
The first Christmas and its meaning.

As you and I run here and there
Preparing for that day,
How often do we think about
That Baby in the hay.

God gave the greatest gift of all
And this should be our reason,
To remember our Lord Jesus birth
At every Christmas Season.

Rev. Marie Yvonne.




marriage-2743403__340Begin Your Life With God

As you start your life together

As you’re joined by God above,

Just remember you are guided

By our Heavenly Father’s Love.

As you journey life day by day

As you travel hand in hand,

Remember always trust in Him

Your love was in His plan.

And as you live your life together

As the Lord has planned for you,

And when life’s trials may appear

As trials often do.

Remember just to trust in God

And He will see you through…

And when our dear one leaves us

For their journey far away,

We know if we are faithful

We will join them too someday.

We will greet one another

Around God’s great throne,

We will all be together

When God calls us home.

Rev. Marie Yvonne



New Hope Ministry And Missions
We call our site NEW Hope but is there really any new hope or any hope at all.when we look around us at the situation of our world with all the hatred, the violence, the molestation and children turning against parents and parents against children is there really any hope at all? And take a minute to think about all the sickness that has developed, all the new deceases that the doctors have no cure for and now no vaccine against, people are dying today from diseases that could be cured years ago but today have become superbugs.

And what about all the violence on our streets and in our homes and all the guns that people do not seem to want to give up.,and all we have to do is turn on the tv. and see all the shows that are teaching our children and grandchildren how to commit those crimes. And as far as letting children get away with all these crimes just try and punish them, you will be the one getting into trouble because you will be charged with child abuse.
New Hope or No Hope you decide.

Well, we call our site New Hope Ministry because we at Interdenominational Assembly of Churches believe there is always hope. Regardless of how bad things may seem around you just stop for a few minutes and count your blessings and you will be surprised at how many things you have in your life that will give you hope. When you woke up this morning were you thankful that you could see, when you put your feet on the floor did you give thanks that you could walk? Not to mention your family, your home and your job or whatever means of income you can be thankful for. And it doesn’t have to stop there, this world is full of opportunities for you to be thankful.

And as for all the evil that is going on we have one that is greater than us that someday will deal with those people, all we can do is as Jesus commanded us to do and that is, TO every day “is what we strive to give at New Hope Ministries we share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and dedicated our mission of making new disciples in all nations through our ministries. We sincerely hope that you will consider joining with us in teaching the

Rev. Marie Yvonne.




He gives us all strength for the day
He gives us what we need,
If we just put our trust in Him
Our worries He will ease.

He tells us He’s our Shepherd
He promised to be our guide,
He makes our load seem easy
As we walk by His side.

If we become down-trodden
With burdens too hard to bear,
Jesus will make them lighter
If we put them in His care.

He tells us He’s our pilot
He’ll guide us all the way,
He’s waiting there to aid us
As we trust Him every day.

Rev. Marie Yvonne




The sun is shining round about us
Everything is crisp and clear,
On the first November morning
A touch of autumn’s in the air.

The trees are standing tall and bare
The leaves all laying on the ground
All blowing in the wind
Like children twirling round and round

The nighttime sky comes early now
The moon is large it’s looking cold.
The clouds are gray, and Autumn’s here
There’s a touch of winter in the air.
So as we look around us at the
Magisty of this Wonder
Of A universe with beauty so adorned,
We can only look in thankfulness that
we are privileged to share the beauty of.

Rev. Marie Yvonne



dove-3426159__340We are all reading once aging about people being shot and for what reason
Nothing more then hatred and where and when did it all start?
it all started the day that we allowed the authorities to kick God out of our schools and offices, God went out and Satan went in and took full charge.

You talk about gun control we need God to control we need GOD IN CONTROL, we need to get the guns out of the buildings and the bibles back in if we are ever going to have any peace in America. Get the guns out of the homes and of the streets there is far too much killing. Start to fill the churches once again instead of the bars and you will see change.

Allow prayer back in school, welcome God back into your homes, PEOPLE IT HAS TO START WITH YOUR CHILDREN, LOSE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU LOSE THE WORLD. Guns are not the answer they might make money for some people but at what price to others?

Rev. Marie Yvonne.





Our Couch

As athletes train to run a race
Their coach goes right along,
He coaches them along the way
So as to keep them strong

This race that we are running
We stumble along the way,
But we have a coach in God above
He’s with us every day.

There’s no vacation for our coach
He’s always on the field,
To train us all to win the race
And run this race with zeal.

So go for your instructions
Stay steadfast all the way,
Your prize will be the crown of life
And a home with God someday.

Rev. Marie Yvonne.